Just one more patch. Just one more…

With 3.3 drawing closer by the second I am torn in two directions. To play or not to play… Once more the gamer and the researcher in me are not agreeing.

One part tells me to use this patch to finalize the gathering of data, to finish off some interviews, get some footage from raids and wrap it up once and for all. Furthermore, the idea of a new instance with new challenges (hopefully in the same styling as the last raid encounters) is alluring. Not to mention being in a guild filled with raiders hungry for new content. Only problem is really me…

In my time of playing WoW (which have been since release) I have never stuck with one thing for too long. 6-8 months is usually my limit before I reroll, take a break, change server/guild or simply find something else altogether. My time in my current guild is nearing a year. A full year in the same guild, 10 of them as officer and the last 4-5 months as raid leader. It’s starting to wear me down, and once again the idea of an alt somewhere undisturbed sounds wonderful and freeing.

Of course, I have rerolled enough times to know that the grass is only greener on the other side of alting for about 20 hours, then the grind hits you like a fist in the face. But, the concept still haunts me.

As the collector of Fragments for the legendary mace, I felt more then obliged to join on any Ulduar run. That I with the best of my efforts only got 18 of them is something that saddens me when logging on and feels like a huge failure. Not only for me, but for the guild as well. It’s like I let them down.  I could have attended more raids (several fragments went to other players due to my absence), but I know that the truth is that even if I had attended them all: not enough dropped for us to get a mace, and the guild haven’t even done Yogg +1.  But, now with 3.3 we will stop raiding Ulduar, and the pressure to get fragments are gone.

I dont need any more epics.. Ill have a nap

I dont need any more epics.. Ill have a nap

Of course there are some who would like to keep me as raidleader, but I am sure that some are keen on hearing a different voice commanding them around on VT. I never really grew comfortable in the raidleader role, and at times it became just another place where more preperation, more work and more effort on my part would have been possible and saved us all from a whole lot of pain. But then, I know that appraisal of your raidleader, if it ever occurs (whining is the standard after all), is rarely something that happens face to face. Perhaps I should attempt to delude myself of absolute grandeur, that songs of my wits and skill are sung around Great Feasts from Booty Bay to Dalaran, and it’s only in my raids they shut up about it.

Still, there is my research. It has spurred me on so far, and I am hoping that the joy I get from interviewing and gathering bits and bobs, will get my drive for the game going again. That it will help spark that hunger for more. That I again will care if I gain an item thats 12 ilvls higher then the previous, and would rather spend gold on enchanting and gemming that then buying pets for my alts.  That I again will sacrifice good meals for frozen pizza so I can get that extra hour of grinding in, or some sle

ep for a discussion on DKP.

I dont need any more epics…

3 thoughts on “Just one more patch. Just one more…

  1. When the weariness of sameness hits, and the exhilaration of a new server beckons, why re-roll, rather transfer?

    I was part of a rather well-known Guild whose leader simply grew tired of the bickering and whining, and he transferred his well-developed character to a new server and is prospering without all the old baggage.

    Anonymity can attend a level 80 as well.

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