Captain Clueless. My life after raiding and why bad players stay bad.

In the last month or so, after ditching raiding for random and casual leveling, I’ve come across a well of different types of players. Engaging myself in both PuGs and BGs, joining different guilds and hanging around in big cities at off hours, the players I have encountered is somewhat different to those I met when I was engorged in a raidingguild. Admittadly, my researcher-gamer role meant that I always tried to keep an eye out, trying to not get completely locked into my own little world of raiding and tried to get runs in both arenas, Wintergrasp, PuG heroics and even the odd PuG raid. But, all in all seems to me that I am playing with a group of players I previously mostly read about in blogs or forums.

The major difference?

They just don’t have a clue.

I mean that in the nicest possible way. While I appreciate playing with people who know what to do, it’s nothing wrong with playing WoW without any notion of what rotations maximize dps. As long as people are enjoying themselves, I’m of a live and let live inclination. Im just amazed at the conversations I am now observing, conversations I was mostly sheltered from when being in a guild with strong filtering mechanisms (strict application process) and strong social norms.

What shocks me is not that new players are asking questions, but how many times the advice they get is simply horrible.

Let me give some examples:

Q: I have trouble doing this quest! What do I do???

A: Get a boost

And there I had been wondering why new players walked around thinking shouting for a boost would get them anywhere….

Q: How much is this Aquamarine worth?

A: Nothing. Barely worth vendoring.

Me: Actually, it will fetch a few gold at the AH. Jewelcrafters always need them while levelling.

A: According to my Auctioneer its worth 5 copper, but I just transferred here….

And on your old server you had no jewelcrafters and people auctioning them off for less then what they sell to at vendor?

Q (from a little mage): I just dinged 10. What spec should I choose to level?

A: Arcane. It does kick ass damage. Arcane Barrage FTW!

That the spell he mentiones as the kick ass spell is not given until 50 levels later seems of no consequence.

I guess I should not be surprised that game illiteracy is reproduced by peers, but it’s still sad to see in action. Young hopeful players trying to understand the game (though many of them do so in a unpleasant and rude fashion), and is met with advice that will in no way help them conquer the game.

While making gold in the game is not rocket surgery, it requires atleast a minimum of knowledge when it comes to what items are regarded as valuable – and that the central investment in the game is time. In such, I find the statements regarding gold to be particularely damning.

Me: Mr. Priest – it would be great if you could dispel the hex from me. Hard to tank as a frog.

Priest: I didnt train it. Trying to save money. Its only an alt.

Apparently those 20 silver was too much for his budget….

My current GM: I grinded from 70 to 80 so that I could do all the quests later for money.

That the time it took him to grind could have been invested in a myriad of other ways to make way more money then the time it would take him quest, clearly had not entered his mind.

Moral of the story: If you want to get good a the game. Seek out good players. The scrub-nub guild that invites anyone at anytime, could be a gem – but it is also possible to hold tons and tons of really bad advice.

5 thoughts on “Captain Clueless. My life after raiding and why bad players stay bad.

  1. I was told I was bad by a ‘raider’ and I could do better. Something along the lines of ” I can see you have talent but your doing it wrong” I was like there is a right? Upon discovering that it was within my reach to improve my game/ my abilities and thus the content that was avilable to me – it completely changed my attitude. I have never gotten frustrated at someone for asking smart questions – and I will take the time if someone asks to answer what I can.

  2. I believe that it’s interaction with other players that is the primary reason for players wanting to be better, and also the most important source to information. And I’ve never really seen an unwillingness to share that information, just noticing lately that not all advice is good advice :)

    Not pretending that players in raidingguilds never give out false info or act like prats. Cause they do. Just not as often….

  3. I’ve made the argument that becoming an expert WoW player requires some sort of access to expert practice, which pretty much means access to existing groups of expert players, as you say. I think what you’ve hit on that is new is that it isn’t that there’s barriers to access (there could be but not necessarily) but more that players are just doing their thing and don’t realize that there exists expert practice.

  4. You have made the case of expert players better then me. I guess I had just been a bit blinded about this expert practice. I have been trying to understand what processes surround the knowledgeable player, and in such – lost sight of the player knowing little or nothing. Just as non-use is just as important as use, studying those without the knowledge is as important as understanding those with it.

    So this post is part frustration over dealing with absolute ignorance (as a player), and part frustration over realizing a methodological issue with my study (as a researcher). The result however (player + researcher) is the quite common QQ.

    After all. Its teh internetz.

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