Im glad I’m not the new kid on the block.

The latest report from Activision Blizzard could tell us that apparently only 30% of new WoW players make it past level 10. While we know little of how this compare to other MMOs, it does strike me at somewhat low. So, why don’t people keep playing? Isn’t WoW supposed to be this banale game even monkeys could play? Easier then ever? Levels and loot being handed out for free?

For someone playing the game for several years it will seem that way. It often does to me, and I have to stop myself for blurting out old fart comments about how things were when I was young and were lvling my first toon. Yet, I have also had a chance to speak to friends that started playing the game at later stages – and then another answer starts to dawn on me.

Its just too much to catch up on.

Im not really referring to levels here, or even loot. I am talking about game know-how. It’s easy to disregard new players as kiddies that needs to “l2p”, but not all new players are 12 and aiming for at 80DK with a mechanohog (though surprisingly many are…).  People who are both competent and bright in work and day to day life, faces a massive challenge when starting to play. After all, there is no secrets anymore in WoW. No places unexplored, no algorithms undiscovered, no features untried. Learning the game by trial and error is not rewarded, and is frowned upon by other players. But, how are one supposed to catch up on 5 years of intense debating on the finer points of play?

5 thoughts on “Im glad I’m not the new kid on the block.

  1. I had trouble finding the exact source for this report when following links earlier, but I doubt it takes anything into account. In such, your criticism is spot on. Maybe the majority of people who get new accounts actually keep on playing, its just that goldsellers create new characters to spam their offers on a regular basis?

    The most relevant number reported was that the subscription base has stayed fairly stabile at 11,5 million. Not sure about the churn of this, but I don’t get the impression that its too high…

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