“ Vampires and the woman they love” –Why it doesn’t make sense

I am outright stoked about the current revival of the vampire genre. Hansom, pale and powerful men with mysteries, sex appeal and fangs. What is there not to like?

Well, how about their obsession with teenage girls?

I get the initial reasons for this obscene pairing.  Innocence vs sin. Evolution vs standstill. Light vs dark. A man who lives forever chooses this one, young, pure soul to share eternity with. Need I go on? It has epic written all over it.

Except the part where you are dating a teenage girl.

Don’t get me wrong. I think Buffy is brilliant and find Sookie only mildly annoying (let’s leave Twilight out of it). They are characters to identify with and are fully capable of showing femininity as well as power.

But, if you were centuries old -  would you date a 17 year old girl?

The gender isn’t important here. The age is. I remember how I was when I was that age. It was not pretty. I’m not even 30 and the idea of getting involved in the everyday drama of a teenager makes me cringe.

Now imagine you have lived for several lifetimes. You have travelled the world and have explored all kinds of arts, philosophies and cultures. You might actually have made decent headway into the infinite list of “Books I should read before I die”.  In that setting, would oh-my-god-my-teacher-suck  and should-I –go-to-second-base type of conversations and dilemmas really be any kind of interesting?

7 thoughts on ““ Vampires and the woman they love” –Why it doesn’t make sense

  1. On the other hand – You take what you can get, right? And any girl *older* than 17 would know so much better than getting involved with mr. B. Sucker, the guy with “trouble” written all over his ruby red aura.

    (Well, unless his name is Spike, of course. I might just be tempted, though I’m past 30 with a margin. … Did I just say that out loud?)

  2. Interesting thoughts. I wrote a couple of short stories last year from the point of view of an 800-year-old vampire. I also think it’s silly for ancient immortal creatures to be mooning over teenage humans, and I tried to come up with a more realistic way of thinking. To him, culture was valuable, but individual artists and performers were of no more importance than a dinner at a nice restaurant is for us. He also planned multiple generations into the future, since he wasn’t constrained by the limitations of the television season ;)

  3. Its simple. Girls over 20 are a pain in the ass. Over 30 isnt even worth the effort. All the whining and moaning and bitching over and over again. No, get them while they are ripe. Before the feminism kicks in!

  4. Dr. who have a plausible explanation: being immortal makes it pain full to see your friends age and die. The older a person is when you get to know them , the less time is left of their life. Knowing teenagers (or at least young people) make sure you get to hang out the best years and then dump them not to close to dying.

    Or my moms idea of that best describes teenagers: they are the new. So if you are a tiny bit bored of living through history. It makes a tiny bit sense to always hanging out with the “new and happening” kids.

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