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My main source of data is qualitative interviews, and in such I am always looking for people who would give some time of their day to talk about games and their gamelife. I have several different themes happening, but currently working on:

Hardcore enthusiasm: About hardcore gamers in World of Warcraft

What does it take to get a world first? How do these players figure out strategies? Are hardcore guilds any different then other guilds, and if so how are they different? These are questions I really wish to have an answer to. While raiding used to be a fairly marginal activity in WoW, it’s now something done by the majority. Even so, there is still a small group of players that are competing to do it before anyone else, that takes it to another level so to speak. Kungen blogged about how he electrecuted himself to keep awake during WOTLK, and even though that seems like a oddity that wont happen often- it does make me wonder what a worldfirst means to a player. How does it feel? What work does it require?

If you are interested in having a chat, feel free to mail me at The interviews will be conducted either in game (chat), through other realtime chat programs (such as MSN) or alternately over Ventrilo/TeamSpeak if you have a microphone available.

Making games: Between design, technology and knowledge

While big games and large game companies take up much of the press, the reality in Norway is that most games are produced by small, independant game companies. As opposed to the multimillion dollar industry surrounding EAGames, Vivendi and Turbine – these game companies largely consist of a handful of enthusiasts with a niche to fill. These companies make games used in advertizing and games for phones (such as iPhonegames).  Games directed to children, for learning or simply using Norwegian culture in a game setting.

We wish to highlight how these games are made, and the people and processes involved. How do you choose what to make? What kind of education do you need? How do you decide on a design? What kind of funding do you have? What styles inspire you? What games do you play, and how do they affect your design?

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